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SUMMER 2024: SWIFTLET's home

Black Ribbon
Black Ribbon
At the heart of the Swiftlet’s Home collection, it lies a poignant tale of devotion and protection, encapsulated in the graceful silhouette of the swiftlet’s nest. Each piece is imbued with the tender embrace of a mother’s love and the resilience of nature’s delicate wonders.
Every piece in the Swiftlet’s Home collection is a narrative of love, sacrifice, and the timeless bond between parent and child.


In our Swiftlet series, our centerpiece cradles four lustrous pearls within a nest of gleaming stones, echoing the sanctuary of a mother’s care. Surrounding this ethereal tableau are four sparkling stones, each a testament to the strength and unity found within the home nest. And at its core, acenter stone, larger and more resplendent than the rest, symbolizing the unwavering love of the mother swiftlet, forever watching over her precious family.

swiftlings series

In the enchanting world of Swiftlings, where every piece whispers the tender tale of a fledgling’s journey into freedom. Inspired by the unwavering love and protection of a mother swiftlet, this collection captures the essence of youthful innocence and boundless affection.
At the heart of each design lies a poignant narrative: a slender bar symbolizing the sturdy lines that form a swiftlet’s home, flanked by three pearls on either side, echoing the warmth and tenderness of a mother’s love. Together, these elements weave a tale of devotion and protection, creating a heartwarming symbol of familial bonds.

spring 2024: petal's flutter

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The delicate beauty of belief and bonding moments encapsulates into precious pieces that lies close to our heart. Petal’s Flutter is designed with a deep-seated desire to merge elegance with themes of love and prosperity. The overarching concept of Petal’s Flutter Collection stems from our commitment to creating not just precious pieces that we wear, but meaningful treasures, adding joy, prosperity, and timeless beauty to the lives of those who adorn them.


Walking through a garden in full bloom, the Flora Series is a seamless extension of the enchanting collection, where each piece whispers a unique tale, becoming a celebration of luck, prosperity, and the stories we carry with us. As the Lunar New Year dawned, the Flora Series promised to be not just jewelry but cherished chapters in the unfolding story of those who wore it.


Huat Ah! series is designed to usher in prosperity and luck during the Lunar New Year celebrations. The series consist of three important values that holds dearly to our hearts: happiness, luck and cherish moments. Adorned with mahjogn elements, this series is designed for mahjong enthusiasts and anyone who want to “發” (huat) this year, weaving blessings into every piece for a prosperous 2024 and beyond.


Inspired by the journey of self-discovery and the radiant allure of love, Jordelle Series was driven by a passion to intertwine love with symbolism. The Jordelle series, adorned with a keyhole design and delicate elements, becomes a poetic representation of love and blossoming moments. Jordelle celebrate love’s sparkles, and brings you on a journey of self-love and cherished moments.


Forever grateful the overwhelming affection for our Sweetheart Loela Locket Necklace, we are delighted to unveil the perfect complement – the Sweetheart Lovela Locket Bracelet, a daily reminder of your cherished values and the dearest ones residing at the heart of your life.


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This Christmas, we designed a magical series for you, our Sparkles. It’s the season of gifting, hence we would like to gift a magical experience to you and your loved ones through the Reminiscence collection, which includes 3 series: Reminiscence, Starling Tinkle and Starry NaBi.

Introducing our limited artisan gifts as well, we brought in 5 different scents for you to experience the wonder of Christmas. You can find all your Christmas gifting solutions with our gift bundle set and our signature mini jewelry organiser too!


In the heart of the every little moment, where the night blankets the land in an ethereal glow, “Reminiscence” captures the essence of the Northern Lights, those shimmering curtains of iridescent hues that dance across the skies, and transforms their fleeting beauty into everlasting memory trail with you. This collection whispers the enchanting tale of those moments when you gaze upon the celestial spectacle, knowing that each burst of sparkle paints a unique memory, as radiant and unforgettable as the gems adorning these exquisite pieces.

“Reminiscence” is a the beauty of our memories and life’s most unforgettable moments. With each piece you wear, you carry with you a precious memory trail, a reminder of the places you’ve been, the people you’ve met, and the experiences that have shaped you. These jewels are your personal Northern Lights, shining brilliantly like the mesmerizing journey of your life.


In the heart of an enchanted Christmas night, where moonbeams and whispers of magic entwine, Starling Dust represents the companions of our hearts, the loved ones who light up our lives with their sparkling personalities. The design of each piece is a unique fusion of a delicate fairy and a blooming flower, symbolizing the enchanting bond between nature’s beauty and the sparkling connections who grace our lives.
“Starling Dust” is a celebration of the sparkling personalities who brighten up our lives. Each piece becomes a symbol of the enchanting friendships and companionship that has graced your path. As you wear these precious pieces, may they serve as a reminder of the beauty found in the company of loved ones, the ones whose presence twinkles in the night of your heart.


This “NaBi” Collection is a whimsical testament to the enchantment of Christmas and the delicate beauty of the butterfly. Each piece becomes a gift that embodies the flutter of holiday wishes and captures the spirit of the season. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or sharing the magic of Christmas with someone special, the “NaBi” Collection is a symbol of transformation, wonder, and the enduring charm of the holidays.
In the spirit of the most enchanting season, we have collaborated with a local artist, Megan, to  present you with the “Starry NaBi” Collection. The word “NaBi” translates to “butterfly” in Korean, and this collection captures the graceful essence of these ethereal creatures. With moonstone gemstones that gleam like the light of a winter’s moon, each piece carries the whimsical personality of a butterfly, making it the perfect holiday gift for Christmas.


Hello! I’m Megan, a young designer driven by a passion for art and design. I draw inspiration from my everyday life. This season, I was inspired by the ethereal beauty and symbolism of butterflies. With the NaBi Collection, I aspire to evoke the feeling of hope and the magic of a whimsical Christmas. I hope that each piece will hold cherished and joyful memories of the season.

autumn 2023: pinnacle collective

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This August, we are celebrating our 3 years with all of you! Pinnacle Collective signifies growth, success and adaptability which reflects the journey of starting Dear Diary to growing the brand throughout these 3 years. In this collection, there will 3 releases with its own story.


HugBean collection came about with a story of a humble bean, a seed that held the promise of boundless growth and unparalleled success. It’s been a fulfilling journey for us to come so far, hence, we designed a meaningful collection as a reminder for you to remind yourself of all your achievements and progress too.


A collection that whispers the tale of who we are through the elegant symphony of hexagonal designs, each facet a reminder of the paths we’ve tread and the paths we’ve yet to explore.

eternal drop-pin collection

In a world where every step we take ripples through the tapestry of our existence, capturing the essence of the interconnected paths that shape our identity. “Eternal Drop-Pin”, a collection that weaves a story of the flowing journey and the unbreakable connections that define us, embodied by the exquisite chain link and wavy texture designs.


Along with our new designs for this third anniversary, we brought back our best-sellers! But that’s not all! Because we have a lot more popular comebacks that are lined up for the upcoming months so stay tune!

summer 2023: OPALESCENT MIST

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As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the women who have given us so much love, support, and guidance throughout our lives. At Dear Diary, we believe that the best way to honor these incredible women is by giving them a gift as special as they are.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our Demi-Fine Opalescent Mist Collection, a stunning range of jewelry designed to capture the beauty and magic of this precious gemstone, all crafted with care and attention to detail.

But what makes our jewelry truly unique is the story behind it. Each piece is inspired by the powerful bond between mothers and their children, a bond that transcends time and distance. When you give your mom a piece of our Opalescent Mist Collection, you’re not just giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry – you’re also expressing your gratitude and love for all that she has done for you.

So this Mother’s Day, celebrate the woman who means everything to you with the beauty of opal. Shop our Demi-Fine Collection now and give a gift that she will treasure forever.

Shop now and give your mom the gift of opal this Mother’s Day!

SPRING 2023: oriental sweetheart

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Happy New Year Sparklers! We are so excited to introduce our FIRST collection of 2023! These new designs are proudly designed by the founder of Dear Diary, each piece with a story.

For this Chinese New Year, we specially designed an adjustable bracelet with the word “胡” to symbolise bringing luck to win your games during CNY and also wishing you a successful journey in life. It comes with a matching ear studs to match with your CNY outfits.

For Valentine’s edition, we designed a highly sought-after locket necklace where you can engrave your message or name in the locket. It comes with a matching huggies earring and a ring, making it a perfect set for yourself and your loved ones this Valentine’s.