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autumn 2023: pinnacle collective

Black Ribbon
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This August, we are celebrating our 3 years with all of you! Pinnacle Collective signifies growth, success and adaptability which reflects the journey of starting Dear Diary to growing the brand throughout these 3 years. In this collection, there will 3 releases with its own story.


HugBean collection came about with a story of a humble bean, a seed that held the promise of boundless growth and unparalleled success. It’s been a fulfilling journey for us to come so far, hence, we designed a meaningful collection as a reminder for you to remind yourself of all your achievements and progress too.


A collection that whispers the tale of who we are through the elegant symphony of hexagonal designs, each facet a reminder of the paths we’ve tread and the paths we’ve yet to explore.

eternal drop-pin collection

In a world where every step we take ripples through the tapestry of our existence, capturing the essence of the interconnected paths that shape our identity. “Eternal Drop-Pin”, a collection that weaves a story of the flowing journey and the unbreakable connections that define us, embodied by the exquisite chain link and wavy texture designs.


Along with our new designs for this third anniversary, we brought back our best-sellers! But that’s not all! Because we have a lot more popular comebacks that are lined up for the upcoming months so stay tune!

summer 2023: OPALESCENT MIST

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As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the women who have given us so much love, support, and guidance throughout our lives. At Dear Diary, we believe that the best way to honor these incredible women is by giving them a gift as special as they are.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our Demi-Fine Opalescent Mist Collection, a stunning range of jewelry designed to capture the beauty and magic of this precious gemstone, all crafted with care and attention to detail.

But what makes our jewelry truly unique is the story behind it. Each piece is inspired by the powerful bond between mothers and their children, a bond that transcends time and distance. When you give your mom a piece of our Opalescent Mist Collection, you’re not just giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry – you’re also expressing your gratitude and love for all that she has done for you.

So this Mother’s Day, celebrate the woman who means everything to you with the beauty of opal. Shop our Demi-Fine Collection now and give a gift that she will treasure forever.

Shop now and give your mom the gift of opal this Mother’s Day!

SPRING 2023: oriental sweetheart

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Happy New Year Sparklers! We are so excited to introduce our FIRST collection of 2023! These new designs are proudly designed by the founder of Dear Diary, each piece with a story.

For this Chinese New Year, we specially designed an adjustable bracelet with the word “胡” to symbolise bringing luck to win your games during CNY and also wishing you a successful journey in life. It comes with a matching ear studs to match with your CNY outfits.

For Valentine’s edition, we designed a highly sought-after locket necklace where you can engrave your message or name in the locket. It comes with a matching huggies earring and a ring, making it a perfect set for yourself and your loved ones this Valentine’s.