Jewelry Guide: How To Measure Your Ring Size

Are you a woman who is annoyed because you can never find the perfect ring for your finger? Or a man looking for the perfect ring to fit your fiancé’s finger? Well, we have the best solution for you. We know that finding the best fit in a ring is a difficult task, but that’s not impossible. All you need to do is know your ring size perfectly. 

The best way to find the perfect ring for your fingers is to get your exact size. Now you might be wondering how you can do that; it’s simple, you need to measure it. 

Here, we have created a brief guide for you so that you don’t have to get stuck with the wrong ring again. 

Let’s take a look.

What’s the Perfect Ring Size? 

Before you start measuring your ring size, the real question is, which size is the perfect size? How do you identify an ideal ring size for your finger? To clarify, you must know the perfect ring is the one you can comfortably wear. A ring that is tight enough that you don’t end up losing it, but also loose enough to get onto your fingers without hurting your knuckles. 

So, now, the goal is to find a ring that meets this criterion so that it could be a perfect fit for your finger. 

Size Guide For Rings 

Have you seen the numbers written on the tags of the rings when you buy them? Or has a salesman ever asked you to tell the number of the ring you wear? Well, that number is the size of your ring. There is a size chart for rings, and as per the U.S ring size guide, an adult’s ring can range from size 3 to 14. 

The range is further subdivided into men and women. Sizes 3 to 9 are ideal for women, while men’s fingers can fit the ring’s size range from 9 to 14. The measurements of these sizes are done in millimeters that start from 14 millimeters for size 3 and go up as the size increases. 

On average, most women get rings ranging between size 5 and 7, but it is still better that you learn how to measure your ring size and find the exact size so that you have the perfect ring for your finger. 

How To Find Your Perfect Ring Size? 

Before you begin with measuring your exact size, here are two things that you must keep in mind to get the ideal measurements; 

Never Ignore The Knuckle 

Many people make the mistake of measuring the size by the corners of the fingers and getting a ring of that size. They end up forgetting about the knuckle, and then the ring they get is too tight to pass through it. So, take a look at your knuckle, and if they are a little bigger, get a ring that’s half size bigger so that it could easily slide into your finger. 

Measure Multiple Times 

A pro tip is to measure your ring size at least three to four times to get the actual size. The science behind this is that often your finger size fluctuates based on the temperature or moisture on your skin. So, it is better to be safe than sorry, so, get the measurement multiple times to find the right size. 

Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

While you can get your size measured by a professional at a jewelry store, we would recommend doing it yourself at home to get the most satisfactory results. Here, we have listed a few of the best ways in which you can measure your ring size; 

1. A String or Floss

This is one of the simplest and most accessible options for measuring your ring size. Simply take a piece of floss or string and wrap it around your finger. Mark the point where the two points of the floss meet with a marker. Remove the floss from your skin and measure the length from the starting point to the marked point. Make sure that you measure in millimeters.

Once you have the number, compare it with the ring size chart and select the size that matches it the best. Also, please keep in mind that a string or floss you would be using might be stretchable, so make sure you don’t pull them tightly. Because in that case, the size you measure will be wrong, and you will end up with a ring way bigger than your finger. 

2. Printed Size Chart 

This is the age of technology, and the internet has answers to all your problems. So, in this next method, you need to find a true-to-size ring size guide on the internet and get it printed. Take a ring that fits you the best and place it on the size chart. Find the circle to which your ring fits the best, and that’s your ideal ring size. 

3. Get A Ring Sizer 

Finally, let us introduce you to the method that can get you the most accurate results; a ring sizer. There are two kinds of ring sizer, a measuring tape, and a keyring. Both of these give the best results and come in handy whenever you are going ring shopping. And the best part is that they are extremely reasonable as well. 

The Bottom Line

Finding a ring that fits your finger the best is what every woman wants. However, many could not because they don’t know their correct sizes. But we are sure, with our tips and methods, you will now be able to identify the perfect ring size for your fingers, and now you can get the ring that can fit your finger perfectly. The best part is that you can do it yourself now without going to a jeweler to measure your ring size.

If you’re looking for ring options, explore our wrist wear and rings category to find our next piece of attractive jewelry.  

Ring Shopping Made Easy For You

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