Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas That She Will Need

While the bride is the most important woman at the wedding, she depends on her bridesmaids for almost everything related to the ceremony. From going with her to wedding dress shopping to throwing her a bachelorette party, bridesmaids perform many duties for their friend’s wedding. We believe that these bridesmaids deserve bridesmaid gifts in return for all those favours and celebrating the bride. If you are a bride looking for gift ideas for your bridesmaids, you have landed at the right place!

The Top Best Gift Items For Your Bridesmaids

1. Scrunchie

On your special day, all your bridesmaids will wear the same gown at your wedding, so how about adding a matching silk scrunchie with a personalized name to their gift box to help with their hairstyle?

2. Necklace For Maid Of Honor

Obviously, your BFF will be taking the role of maid of honor, something that she would have been planning for years. So, while making her gift box, consider adding a BFF initial necklace with a monogram to appreciate your friendship and tell her how much she means to you!

3. Clutches & Bags

When it’s your special day, you will not be carrying anything except for the bouquet in your hand, but you will need your bridesmaids to have the basic go-to kit to have all the time for you. So, how about getting them a clutch or a sling bag as a bridesmaid gift? Another popular choice is a matching phone cover with a strap. Moreover, the best part about getting them from us is that you can get them personalized in any ways you want.

4. Bangles & Corsage

To match all your bridesmaids as one, you can get them the accessories they can wear on your special day. Whether it be personalized trinket trays with bangles, or wrist corsages, get them included in your bridesmaids’ gifts and let the team bride shine! Also, get them personalized to make them memorable for your day.

5. Robe & Wine Glass

The two main essentials of a bride’s slumber party are the matching robes for the bridesmaids and special wine glasses with their names on it to celebrate the big wedding coming up. And it gets even more special if both of these essentials are gifted by the bride!

6. Perfume

Women love perfumes more than anything. They always want to smell beautiful and fresh and especially if it is their best friend’s wedding day. So, it would be lovely if you added a beautifully scented perfume to their bridesmaids’ gift package!

Where To Get These Bridesmaid Gifts From?

Well, you need to stop right here because you can get all these gifts at Dear Diary. Not only that, but we are the best option for you because not only do we have the best collection of gifts for your bridesmaids, but we also;

Add Personalization

We allow the brides to add a touch of personalization to their choice of our gifts for their bridesmaids. Whether you want to add their names or you want to add your wedding hashtag, we will make sure it fits in the gift in the best possible way. A wedding is a personal event, and a bride’s connection with her bridesmaids is extremely personal and adorable, so gifts with some personalization hold a meaningful story and memory!

Offer Unique & Adorable Gifts

Our gift ideas and items are different from any other gift shop you might see because our prime goal is to bring uniqueness to your gifts. We use adorability to create some unique gift boxes for your bridesmaids that they would not have expected and will love them.

Offer Useful & Practical Gifts

Lastly, the gifts we make are useful, something your bridesmaid would want to use. We don’t want you to spend so much money on something that can’t even be used. Hence, we bring a new approach to your everyday female essentials and add creativity to them to make them unique and keep them useful!

Provide 1-to-1 Free Consultation

Are you confused about what to gift your bridesmaids? Well, let us clear your confusion with our 1-to-1 free consultation. We offer this to all brides to help them with some unique and special gift ideas for their bridesmaids before sourcing and personalizing the gifts for you.

Help You To Save Time – We Do It All

You can save time on going through the hassle of getting your bridesmaids’ unique gifts and packing them by choosing us. With Dear Diary, all you need to do is tell us what you want and let us do all the work for you. After all, you are the bride and would have a million other things to do!

Provide The Best Packaging

We make sure that not only your bridesmaids get the best gift but also in the best and most unique packaging. We will offer unique packaging designs personalized for you according to your theme!

Offer The Best Price

When you are working with Dear Diary, you will not have to worry about getting a huge bill for your bridesmaids’ gift packages. We make sure that not only our brides are satisfied with the gift items but also with our price range. This is why we offer the most reasonable packages for your bridesmaid gifts!

 Some Best Bridesmaid Gift Box Ideas at Dear Diary

To give you an idea of how a bridesmaids’ gift box is designed, we have selected two of the best-selling gift boxes for your inspiration;

1. Gift Box Idea #1

This adorable box includes a bridesmaid’s robe, a cute water bottle, a hair tie or a personalized scrunchie, and a skincare mask. All these items will be packed in a luxurious gift box with some fairy lights and their name on it.

2. Gift Box Idea #2

This bridesmaid’s gift box includes a makeup pouch, an eye mask, a name initial keychain, a lip balm, and a trinket tray. It is a minimal and effortless gift package with unique gift packaging, and we are sure when you give it to your bridesmaids, they will be in complete awe of you.  

No matter what gifts you want to add to your gift box, we always add a personalized card and name on the gift box and decorate it with fairy lights for an adorable look!

Bridesmaid Gifts Made Easy For You

We hope this guide has provided some tips on how to get the best bridesmaid gifts for your besties as an appreciation. Contact us now and get a free consultation today on how you can curate the best bridesmaids’ gifts! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Be sure to check out the gifts mentioned above and other gift items at

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